Notify 5.2: Actions & Action Tracking

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | May 7, 2020 | Product Updates

In April, we released version 5.2 of Notify Cloud, with a whole host of exciting new features, the majority of which have been requested by our clients.

Our Chief Product Officer and co-founder, Andy Dumbell, along with Product Owner, Neilson Watts, hosted a webinar to demonstrate to our clients some of these new features.

In the first of a series of updates, we’re looking at what’s new in Actions and Action Tracking.

Enhanced Location Tracking

We’ve made it even easier to track the locations assigned to incidents, audits, inspections, risk assessments and actions. For example, when creating an Action, you can now add a location to the action. This feature uses your organisation structure.

Also, from the main list view of Incidents, Audits & Inspections, Risk Assessments and Actions we’ve included the full Location path as a column in the list view whilst also allowing you to filter by the relevant location required.

Notify Action Location

When adding a new action, your locations will appear in a dropdown menu.

Geotag Locations

Action locations can now be automatically determined based on the settings of your incidents and audits.

Verified Date

A new column and filter have been added to actions so that you can see which ones have and haven’t been verified. The verified date will also be captured in the audit trail.

Action Categories

A customised list of action categories can be added to your Notify account free of charge, for example to give actions classifications such as ‘corrective’ and ‘preventative’. This needs to be done by our team here at Notify, so please get in touch if you’d like us to switch this on and customise it to your business.

Link Actions to Standards

Actions can now be linked to standards, such as ISO9001 and ISO14001, and to clauses within the standard.

Notify Actions Standards

Standards can be added to actions, along with associated clauses.

User Groups

You can now link department managers to certain areas and locations within your business, so that users will only see actions that are relevant to them.

Open Multiple Actions

A new feature has been added to actions, incidents and audits lists allowing you to open each one in a new window – this will enable you to open multiple items at once within different browser tabs.

Notify Action Tracker

NEW FEATURES: 1) Site Filter 2) Verified Filter 3) Open In New Tab 4) Location 5) Verified Date

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