It’s time for the health to come to the forefront

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | Aug 2, 2021 | In Review

Notify CEO Duncan Davies talks to two clients and safety directors – Richard Byrne (Travis Perkins) and Mike O’Hara (Grafton Group).

Between them, Travis Perkins and Grafton Group employ over 30,000 people around the world. 

In his intro, Duncan Davies said: “Two huge employers, FTSE 250 businesses in the UK, Grafton Group and Travis Perkins have ridden a bit of a wave over the last 18 months. During lockdown, many of us decided we would get into DIY and make changes to our homes, with the result that both companies from a trading perspective have seen very encouraging results.” 

Throughout this time, safety was high on the agenda for both Mike and Richard as safety directors in their respective businesses. 

“For a long time it’s been safety, safety, safety – it’s time for health to come to the forefront.”  

Those were the words of Mike O’Hara, Group SHEQ Director at Grafton Group plc, during Notify’s webinar ‘Safety Through Collaboration’ on July 12. 

On putting the ‘health’ back into Health & Safety, Mike stated: “It’s been ‘health and safety’ for a very long time, but the reality for most of us is that it’s been ‘safety, safety, safety’ and a little bit of health. It really is time for health to come to the forefront.” 

“It’s not about paying lip service. It’s about companies and their ops directors, managing directors and the leaders in the businesses physically demonstrating to their colleagues so that it’s not just words. And I think health and wellbeing is a really tough nut to crack from an employer perspective.” 

Richard added: “If you really think about what wellbeing is, it’s looking after your physical, mental, social, and financial fitness. The key bit of physical fitness is making sure you don’t have an accident at work. 

“And if you do, then it’s about getting you back to the normal way of life as quickly as you can. So actually, wellbeing becomes the wraparound of everything.” 

Notify’s smart Health & Safety software enables all employees to easily report by mobile app, not just accidents and near-misses, but also ill health and mental health issues, including lost time due to absence as a result.  

We also introduced COVID reporting tools, including confirmed suspected case identification, and social distancing concerns, within a few weeks of the pandemic emerging in the UK. 

You can watch Duncan’s interview with Mike and Richard here: