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Usability Enhancements : Misalignment of Data in CSV Export (Incidents and Audits)

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | Dec 21, 2021

Every time changes are made and published on Audit Form Templates (i.e., such as adding, deleting, or changing the order of Sections & Questions) it increases the risk of columns and data becoming misaligned in the CSV file. For example, v1 of an Audit Template with four questions, is updated on v2 to insert a new question (“Inserted Question on v2”) as question 3 of 5. When you export the Audit data to CSV, the column headers are based on the latest v2 of the Audit Template so all the field data will correctly align to the five columns headers, but Audits based on v1 of this template for field data in Column 3 and 4 will be out of sync with the column headers.

So, in the example screenshot below, because of adding the question “Inserted Question on v2”, Audit No 245 (which was created on v1 of the Form Template) the field data is misaligned to the Column Headers.

We have now changed our approach in how we order and export data to CSV, so that any published changes made after v1 of a Form Template will now be automatically added to the end of the CSV Export. This ensures that all that field data is correctly aligned to the Column Headers. So, in the example screenshot below, the “Inserted Question on v2” question is added to the end of the columns.


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