90 Second Insights: Victoria Matuz

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | Feb 12, 2020 | Blog, Notify Team Insights

Using Notify’s Health & Safety reporting tools, workers in almost 80 countries around the world are logging incidents and near-misses in 90 seconds or less – or about the time it will take you to read this post.

The latest in our 90 Second Insights series features Victoria Matuz (Vica) who is part of our product development team based in Romania.

What’s your key role at Notify? Well, apart from keeping the rest of the team smiling, I’m a developer. I am currently looking after Incident Management, both for mobile and web. I am implementing new requirements, making sure any issues are fixed quickly and upgrading various features for clients. To cut a long story short… I offer Notify clients solutions to their needs and keep them happy.

​You are based at Notify’s office in Romania – what does the team there do? Even though we are far away from the main office in Newcastle, we feel very much part of the team. Together, we are becoming a rather big team and we respect each other no matter where we are located. The team here in Cluj has two main goals: some of us are developing new Notify modules and solutions whilst myself and two other colleagues are maintaining the existing platforms and keeping everything up and running. ​Cosmin is the team lead here and also tech lead. If there is something we cannot fix he has the solution for it. Actually he has solutions for every problem!

​We have the liberty to carry out estimations, implementation, testing and to deliver solutions to clients – and empowering is, in my opinion, the best way to show that you trust people. That’s why the entire team is cohesive and we trust each other, building on the trust Andy and Duncan placed on us from the beginning.

​Do you have a background in technology? I graduated Computer Science in Cluj and I’ve been working as a developer on a variety of applications for the last 8 years. I might be better known for my hobbies than my day job, as I’m the proud owner of a custom-made accessories business called Mărgica (Romanian for “little bead”).​ Whether I am at work or at my studio I always focus on doing my job as well as I can and keeping all my customers happy.

​What’s coming up in the future for Notify? We are developing a new application which will be easy to maintain and scale. We are also planning to migrate data from our Incident Management (IM) platform to Notify Cloud, but until then we will continue to improve IM so it can continue to bring value to clients and reduce the headaches that non-tech-based accident and incident management can bring.

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