Mar 20, 2020 | Blog

90 Second Insights: Rodrigo Berardo Frederico

by Queen Asianya-Olisa

Notify’s smart Health & Safety reporting tools can allow you to log an incident or near-miss in 90 seconds or less – or about the time it will take you to read this post.

The latest in our 90 Second Insights series features Rodrigo Berardo Frederico, who started in our customer acquisitions team in November…

What’s your key role at Notify? My role at Notify is centred around sales or, more specifically, customer acquisitions. This means that I spend most of my time speaking to potential clients and listening to their stories. I focus my efforts on understanding why businesses are looking to change their current Health & Safety systems and processes, or implement new ones, and I check if their requirements align with what the Notify platform can offer.

What did you do before coming to Notify? Before coming to Notify I worked in sales as a communications officer for a company that specialises in lead generation for the big life science companies. Previous to that I was working in sales for a brewery in Newcastle.

How is selling a product like Notify different to products you have sold in the past? I guess the biggest difference between the previous products I have sold, and Notify, is the sales cycle itself. For example, I could sell beer with one phone call. This is to say, I could take down repeated orders for multiple venues with one call. This is not the case with a SaaS (Software as a Service) product.

The journey from the first call contact, to a prospect becoming a client is where I come in. I have to understand particular details as to how each business works, how Health & Safety information gets passed up the chain of communication within the organisation, and how Notify can help make that process more efficient for the company. Once a client signs up to Notify, our software is the sole contributor – the exception being how our clients use the platform – to those objectives being achieved.

Using my ‘beer-selling’ analogy – if a venue was not interested in my beer one week, it was normal for me to call the same venue the next week to get a sale. Sales just don’t happen that fast in the SaaS industry. In addition, bars and venues usually sell more than one beer, meaning that their success is rarely attributed to one single product (although there are some cases where this can be true).

What’s your favourite functionality within Notify? My favourite Notify feature has to be the Organisation Chart, which allows users to select where within a business an incident, near-miss, or instance of ill health, has happened using terminology they will understand. Users can use their own location names such as “Newcastle Office” or “Manchester Distribution Centre” and so on. Such a simple idea executed beautifully that allows for so many applications. This feature is especially useful for businesses who have temporary work sites, such as construction companies who may only operate in one location for a few weeks or months.

What do you get up to when you’re not working? I guess that depends on the day – I love sports like football, rugby, basketball, MMA, judo, surfing and snowboarding, and I have other hobbies like cooking, playing games with friends, socialising and listening to good audiobooks and podcasts and, of course, Skyping my family.

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