90 Second Insights: Queen Asianya-Olisa

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | Jan 20, 2020 | Blog, Notify Team Insights

Notify’s smart Health & Safety reporting tools can allow you to log an incident or near-miss in 90 seconds or less – or about the time it will take you to read this post.

The second in our 90 Second Insights series features Queen Asianya-Olisa, who started in our customer acquisitions team last April…

What’s your key role at Notify? My responsibility at Notify is to bring new customers into the business by figuring out whether our software is a good fit for them. Once they are bought into the product I hand over to my colleague Paul so that he can work with them with any technical input or product demos they need and start setting up their Notify accounts.

What do you love most about working at Notify? I love the fact that we always have our CEO Duncan’s ear. We work closely with him on a daily basis so if we have something we want to say – good or bad – we’re encouraged to speak up. It’s a very collaborative culture, which is not something I have seen in many companies.

What features are customers are most interested in when you chat to them about Notify? Sometimes the most popular functions are the really simple ones. For example I find that customers love the actions feature. It gives users the ability to assign a task or action to anyone inside or outside their business, from anywhere within their Notify system.

How has the company changed in the time you have been with Notify? We’ve taken on more staff and moved to a bigger office. I’ve also seen people grow and shift within their own roles to optimise the way the business is managed without any growing pains and to make sure everyone loves what they do. When I first started, Notify Incident Management (IM) hadn’t yet been launched, we were still working with our free app, NotifyIt. We have since launched IM and Audits & Inspections (AI) and we’re just about to launch Risk Assessments (RA). This has all happened within 9 months – that’s amazing

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