Now every employee can report incidents and accidents – in seconds.

Assign and track actions, monitor through to resolution, share critical H&S data securely, all in real-time.

Incident Reporting & Management for a safer, healthier and more productive workforce.

With NotifyIM, every employee can log a report in seconds from the Notify mobile app:

  • Incidents
  • Accidents
  • Near-misses
  • Concerns
  • Ill-health
  • Mental health
  • COVID related issues

Incident managers can:

  • Investigate, monitor, follow-up and resolve
    incidents, all in real-time
  • Assign and track actions
  • Log instances of lost time and ‘good spot’ suggestions
  • Monitor and measure performance, identify trends

“Notify is invaluable and worth its weight in gold. You get more time back to implement your control measures and actually manage risk.”

Ayshea Robertson (HR Director at Zen Internet)

The simple-to-use Notify smart app can be downloaded and used by anyone in the organisation, anywhere in the world.

Select the type of incident you need to report

Enter details of the near-miss, accident or concern

Enter or geotag the location of the incident

Attach up to 3 photos or take new ones

Cloud Dashboard and Secure Reporting

Once your workforce has started logging near-misses, incidents, accidents and ill health using the NotifyIM app, you can start utilising the data in real-time.

Each NotifyIM incident management user login gives a member of your organisation access to the Incidents Summary dashboard, which gives a live overview of the number of incidents that have been reported, and time lost as a result.

You can also:

  • View incidents by location or department
  • Edit, cancel, investigate or close an incident
  • Add actions to one or multiple incidents
  • Assign action responsibility to colleagues
  • Generate unlimited real-time reports and share data securely

“Notify has changed the way we manage our incident reporting and provides greater transparency throughout the whole business.”

Craig Lawrie (QSHE Manager at Velocity)

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Notify Incident Management can be set up in a few easy steps.

From £30 per month

1 Incident Manager £30 per month

Up to 5 Incident Managers £125 per month (save £300 pa)

Up to 10 Incident Managers £200 per month (save £1,200 pa)

Incident reporting users are unlimited!

This means your ENTIRE workforce can report near-misses, accidents and instances of ill health via our FREE companion app and desktop platform, notifying your Incident Managers instantly when incidents occur.

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