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Now every employee or contactor can report incidents and accidents – in seconds.

Digitally capture health & safety and environmental events in real-time on the NotifyIM app.
Monitor and resolve incidents to completion in a fraction of the time it takes manual processes.

With NotifyIM mobile app you can log:

  • Incidents and Accidents
  • Near-misses and Concerns
  • Ill-health and Mental health
  • COVID related issues
Report events in
Empower employees and contractors to report near misses, incidents, accidents and wellbeing concerns
Manage incidents
Enable incident managers to investigate, monitor, follow up and resolve incidents, in real-time
Monitor and measure
Identify trends and spot high-risk issues by generating unlimited real-time reports
Share secure
Automate the sharing of reports with critical team members
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for a complete Health and Safety solution?
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Smarter software for a more efficient, safer workplace

The simple-to-use Notify smart app can be downloaded and used by anyone in the organisation, anywhere in the world.

Cloud Dashboard and Secure Reporting

Once your team has started logging near-misses, incidents, accidents and ill health using the NotifyIM app, you can start utilising the data in real-time.
Each NotifyIM incident management user login gives a member of your organisation access to the Incidents Summary dashboard showing an overview of the number of incidents reported, and the time lost as a result.

With notify you’ll be able to:

  • View incidents by location or department
  • Edit, cancel, investigate or close an incident
  • Add actions to one or multiple incidents
  • Assign action responsibility to colleagues
  • Automate actions and receive workflow notifications

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