Incident Management

Notify Incident Management enables users to record incidents, accidents and near misses in seconds via a mobile app and secure website, and manage through to resolution using our secure web portal. Our customisable system can be adapted to your organisation, and professional dashboard present data in a simple format that can be provided to your board. Using modern mobile technology, you can send notifications rewarding employees etc etc
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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

In May 2015 our CEO, Duncan, was at “Thinking Digital” in Newcastle, watching Patrick Meier speak about his amazing organisation, Digital Humanitarians. This initiative began in response to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, and used big data and crowdsourcing to assist the crisis management and aid teams.

That talk revealed a simple truth: in the vast marjority of cases, incidents happen well beyond the reach of classical IT infrastructure. More importantly, telling someone about the risk, or that something bad had happened, was still mostly a manual process.

This latency and lack of good quality data meant that not only did things take too long to report, but identifying trends was virtually impossible.

The technology vision for Notify is that increasing use of mobile devices, improvements in connectivity and the advent of Big Data and the Internet of Things, means that our smart reporting platform can make risk reporting and identification simple and efficient. Not only that, but the power of Big Data and IoT could one day be used to predict where risks are highest, so that people and organisations can be better forewarned.

The social vision for Notify is pretty simple: according to the International Labour Organisation, across the globe a worker dies through work-related injury or illness every 15 seconds, and 153 workers have a work-related accident. That’s 2.3 million deaths a year and 317 million accidents. Think about what that means for humanity, and consider also the estimated 4% cost to global GDP.

In May 2017, we set up Notify Technology. Our vision is to make workers safer and healthier, wherever they are in the world. We are starting small in our #safetyrevolution but, as we grow, we’ll continually innovate and look to create simple, useful tools to address this problem.

Like any revolution we need revolutionaries to join us. We’re starting to build the Notify community and if you’d like to join, or are just interested in talking, please do get in touch.