NotifyIt has changed – get the latest free version of the Notify near miss reporting app (now called Notify IM).

The new free version of the Notify app allows you to do even more with your near-miss reports and enables your workforce to log positive observations too.

To ensure you continue to receive the benefits of using the Notify app, please complete the form and we will send you login details to access the latest version of Notify IM.

With the free version of Notify IM you will get access to the following features:

  • Near miss reporting
    Enables every worker with the free Notify mobile app to report near a miss instantly, to help prevent accidents, injuries and damages.
  • Positive observation reporting
    Enables every worker with the free Notify mobile app to report positive observations, to help you identify where things are working well and to recognise positive behaviours.
  • Quality observation reporting
    Enables every worker with the FREE Notify mobile app to report quality observations, to help you identify processes and procedures that can be improved, to continually raise quality.
  • Upload images
    Pictures bring valuable context to the incident, enabling managers to conduct an effective initial assessment remotely on a reported event.
  • Access to real-time Alerts
    Automatic alerts accelerate awareness of potential issues, helping managers take quick action when needed.
  • Access to 1 Management User License
    This provides access to our management portal enabling you to view reported events.
  • View and search incidents. View incident details.
    View all reported events online. All details of the reported event are available: event type, description, pictures, categorisation, location and reporter’s details.

Click here to view FAQs covering the new free version of NotifyIt.

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Unlock the full potential of Notify IM

Unlock the full potential of Notify IM

Once you’ve switched to the latest FREE version of Notify IM, you can pay for further upgrades at any time to access the following additional features:

  • Injury, Accident, COVID-related and Ill Health Reporting
    Enables every worker, visitor, contractor and other stakeholder to report injuries, accidents etc. digitally and instantly, wherever you are in the world.
  • Extended Dashboards 
    Unlock the power of data with easy access to business intelligence to view trends, monitor progress, highlight risks, and enable data-led conversations.
  • Investigations
    Enables managers to investigate reported events, create and track corrective and preventative actions, mitigate risks and share learnings.
    Enables managers to upgrade reported events to RIDDOR Reportable.
  • Lost Time
    Enables managers to upgrade reported events to Lost Time Incidents including the number of absences.
  • PDF Report
    Combine the details of a reported event, including the investigation, actions and pictures into a PDF document that can be easily and securely shared and printed.
  • Microsoft Excel Export
    Export all reported events into a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet enabling you to interrogate the data, identify trends and produce management reports.
  • Incident Attachments
    Attach files to reported events, for example additional photos, investigation reports, witness statements etc.
  • Action Tracker
    Create, delegate and monitor preventative and corrective actions.
  • Org Structure
    By adding your organisation’s structure to Notify, reported events are linked to your sites and departments, which enables Notify to automatically notify the right managers of events and enables departmental business intelligence.
  • Add Users, configure User Management
    Easily give user access to Notify’s Management Portal and configure different levels of access such as assigning incidents to different users based on the Org Structure and restricting access to Departments.
  • Prioritise Incidents
    Quickly configure the Incident based on High, Medium and Low priority and use the Incident Management Filters to quickly identify the High Priority Incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Notify app still free?

YES, there is and will remain a free version of the app up until you are ready to unlock all the other great features that the paid version can provide.

What is a Reporter?
This is an employee, contractor or consumer who can report events such as Near Misses and Quality Observations to a Manager. Anyone can download the free NotifyIt app and submit a report from anywhere in the world.
What is a Manager?
This is a person within your business who is responsible for reviewing, responding and resolving the reported event. The free version of NotifyIt allows 1 manager access to the Notify dashboard.
What’s the main difference with the latest version?
The addition of the cloud management system and the added value of being able to report positive observations.
How many manager users can get access to the system?
1 manager with the free version
Can people report via desktops or laptops as well as a mobile?

Yes – by following this link and putting in your company code, then follow the simple steps. It’s best to add the link to your favourites if this is going to be your preferred method of reporting.


What browser is best to use?

Chrome will give the best experience.

I am not the Health & Safety Manager, I just want to report things to my manager. Where do I get the app, and what is my company access code?

Only your Health & Safety Manager will be able to give you your company access code. For the NotifyIt app, this can be downloaded on the Google play store, or the apple Appstore by following the links below:  

IOS Download

Android Download