Notify can support all your live Construction Projects, including your workforce and supply chain.

If you are responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of multiple teams across a number of projects, Notify will help you identify your safety blind spots, maintain immediate proactive and reactive safety reporting and ensure communication with the workforce, wherever they are working.

By using Notify you will be able to monitor the safety performance across all your live projects. Get real time safety data to facilitate your project safety meetings, by identifying any safety trends across all your live projects. Use this data to establish your action / improvement plans and risk registers.

  • Notify supports you in managing your health and safety legal obligations, to help you constantly evaluate and improve your current working conditions and minimise your liability risk through a series of smart apps and dashboards.
  • Make reporting safety events as simple and effortless as possible, and accessible to every contractor and employee.
    Report an event in under 90 seconds and gain the proactive insights to make informed decisions at pace. Near Miss Reporting is a critical element in developing a positive health and safety culture within any organisation. Using Notify ensures that Near Misses are reported and acted on before an accident occurs.
  • Check and inspect through mobile devices – data is immediately uploaded to the cloud to monitor the safety and compliance of projects in real-time. With projects across cities, regions and even countries you’ll be able to remotely manage the safety of projects which is crucial in keeping people safe.
  • Manage and scale sites and projects by analysing the trends that appear in your data – allowing you to manage safety across locations more effectively and spend less time in spreadsheets.
  • Gain in-depth reports on near-misses, accidents and reportable events that can be used to prove health & safety compliance and win future tenders for projects. Within the construction industry it’s important that we look at “lessons learnt” to ensure organisations aspire to a zero harm strategy.

Notify’s smart mobile-first software ensures your entire workforce can report incidents in seconds from any location.


Travis Perkins are UK’s largest supplier of building materials to the building and construction industry. Featuring a network of over 500 branches, supplying thousands of products and materials to trade professionals and self-builders across the nation.

“Well done for getting the new incident reporting system up and operational. It has been on the Travis Perkins list of things to do for over three years so for you and the team to deliver it in such a short time is brilliant – you should be really proud. Please pass on my personal thanks to all the team that have been involved.”

Frank Elkin, Divisional Chief Executive Officer

VVB Engineering designs, delivers and maintains Mechanical, Electrical and Telecommunication services for UK infrastructure projects.

“We are now able to get real time data from our staff on safety, quality and innovation observations meaning that we can make informed, data driven decisions. This has helped drive both our safety culture and continuous improvement within the business.”

Andrew Jellis, CEO, VVB Engineering

Increase reporting of safety events to help reduce accidents, near-misses and lost time – while improving the wellbeing of your workforce.

Notify’s smart incident management software ensures that your entire workforce can report accidents, unsafe events, injuries, near-misses / close calls, positive observations (good practices) and environmental incidents in seconds via a mobile app, wherever they are in the world. In addition to reporting safety events, regular checks and audits can also be completed by managers with everything coordinated and reported on the Notify management portal.

User-friendly dashboards and notifications help walk managers through the investigation process and ensure that corrective actions (lessons learnt) are managed and tracked globally.

With Notify, safety is placed in the hands of everyone in your entire organisation, so they can report incidents, accidents, near-misses in seconds.

Incident location can be entered or geolocated.

Photos can be taken and attached to incident reports. Notify is designed to be mobile first – workers can have Notify up and running within seconds.

Notify build safety software with your organisation at the centre and can make it fully customisable to your needs.

Notify provides immediate visibility and assurance that those working on the front line are safe and those accountable are compliant. Our software is also fully customisable. 

Why do organisations in Construction use Notify?

Notify can be used to gather data on the types of incident that contribute to risk in your organisation.

Engagement & culture 

Notify helps embed a positive safety culture, first by making it simple and cost-effective for every employee / operative to report a safety event, but to also enable supervisors, managers or a member of the safety team to share feedback directly with the reporter.  This ensures that safety actions are closed out and discussed within the Project Team.  

Notify empowers your organisation to create and track corrective actions. These actions can be allocated to anyone – inside or outside the organisation (supply chain) and ensures the activities that need to be carried out are automatically tracked and managed. 

If an investigation is required, the Notify platform ensures the employee / operative is informed of the outcome. Knowing they contributed to making themselves and their colleagues safer is a great way to increase engagement and to develop a better safety culture.

Eliminating paper and paperwork

Using paper for safety management is more costly and adds to the risk of information getting missed or lost. It’s also bad for the environment.

Notify’s digital platform removes the need for paper and enables everything to be tracked in real time. If you have a worker on site and there’s an issue, they can report instantly from their mobile. Similarly a worker in a remote location can use our safety app to report not only the incident, but their exact GPS location.

Within Notify, there’s the ability to add escalations and alerts based on the safety event type. You can ensure senior managers and directors are informed about serious incidents in real time, not when information is already appearing on social media.


Data insights

High performing organisations in the Construction sector understand the value of data and how to use leading indicators to predict and prevent future issues.

With Notify, managers see only the data that is relevant to their part of the organisation, allowing them to share best practice around the teams. Safety professionals can track safety data and easily report trends to their boards. Notify can also support with regulatory reporting e.g. to the RSSB, along with the basic reporting around LTIs and AFRs.

Saving time

Construction is a highly operationalised sector where time is critical; SLAs are never far away and yet safety has to be high on the agenda. Notify helps you, your managers, supervisors and your whole workforce save time. From the speed it takes to report an event, investigate or assign actions, everything is designed to make things quick and easy for users.

With minimal training and simple, intuitive software, we have onboarded thousands of employees for clients such as Siemens Mobility and Ringway Jacobs. 

Once you have introduced Notify into your business, you will start to see real benefits on saving time, greater worker engagement and instant safety data, that will possibly prevent future accidents occurring!

Work smarter – not harder

Data above taken from a case study on Notify client, Travis Perkins PLC, operating a fleet of 4,000 vehicles across the UK.

Unlock data insights with powerful, easy-to-use dashboards

Our dashboards deliver a professional, visual, filterable and customisable view of your Notify data to help you identify key trends and produce management reports.

laptop displaying the page within Notify that allows you to build your own forms
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Incident Management dashboard example showing incident count by type, top ten incident categories and incidents by status.

laptop displaying the page within Notify that allows you to build your own forms
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Action Tracker dashboard example showing overdue and incomplete actions, actions by location and a list of actions with status.

laptop displaying the page within Notify that allows you to build your own forms
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Audit Tracker dashboard example showing the audit status by location.

laptop displaying the page within Notify that allows you to build your own forms
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Audit Tracker dashboard example showing number of audits by status with a filterable graph showing audit status by month.

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Audits & Inspections

Use Notify Audits & Inspections to check your standards against the relevant ISO, your regulator, parent company or internally agreed standards. Create audits for your contractors to complete in order to verify their compliance.

Risk Assessments

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