Supporting Construction Projects

Prevent accidents and manage hazards on construction sites with a highly intuitive health and safety platform.

Notify supports all your live Construction Projects, including workforce and supply chain welfare.

If you work in the construction industry, you will be aware of the safety requirements for reporting and for the compilation of documents required to ensure compliance with The Construction, Design & Management Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015).

By using Notify’s SHEQ platform you’ll be able to demonstrate compliance with CDM 2015, by ensuring that the following responsibilities are being met.


Demonstrate your compliance with Notify:

  • Compilation of Construction Phase Plans (CPP’s)
    Notify Method Statements offers detailed templates for CPPs single and multiple construction projects.
  • Compilation of Method Statements (including risk assessments – RAMS)
    Record and communicate risk assessments as part of the method statement briefing process whilst having the ability to offer eSignature capability for all on-site workers.
  • Creation of construction related reports and briefings
    Access pre-defined templates for your additional reporting requirements and create and deliver Toolbox Talks.
  • Proactive site monitoring
    With Notify’s Audits, Checklists and Inspections module you’ll be able to provide proactive monitoring requirements such as Site Manager inspections, Director leadership tours and Safety Manager inspections using predefined templates.
  • Reactive site monitoring
    Introduce reactive site monitoring processes with Notify’s Incident Management app enabling anyone on-site to record accidents, incidents and near misses via a mobile phone.
  • Allocation of project and site actions
    Notify’s management dashboards allow instant allocation of tasks to the relevant people whilst providing a full audit trail of actions and timescales until the action is closed out.

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Notify provides proactive and reactive site monitoring

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Notify gives you real-time safety data to facilitate your project safety performance. You’ll be able to identify safety trends across all your live projects and establish action plans and risk registers.

  • Simple and effortless safety event reporting with access for every contractor and employee. Report an event in under 90 seconds and gain proactive insights to make informed decisions at pace.
  • Remote audits, checklists and inspections through data that is instantly stored on the cloud, so you can monitor the safety and compliance of projects in real time via a mobile. With Notify Audits, Checklists and Inspections app you’ll be able to access project information across sites, regions and even countries, giving you the ability to remotely manage projects.
  • Scale site and project management by analysing the trends that appear in your data. Work smarter not harder and spend less time accessing location and project data on spreadsheets.
  • In-depth reports on near-misses, accidents and reportable events that can be used as evidence to prove your health and safety compliance and win future tenders for projects.
  • Support in health and safety legal obligations, helping you constantly evaluate and improve your current working conditions and minimise your liability risk through Notify smart apps and management dashboards.

Notify can be your One-Stop Safety Solution to ensure that you are operating in accordance with industry best practice and CDM statutory requirements, to ensure the safety of everybody on site.

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