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ZSL (Zoological Society of London) is an international conservation charity, which runs the ZSL Institute of Zoology, as well as the famous ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos. Delivering ground-breaking scientific research and impactful conservation efforts in the UK and overseas, ZSL is committed to creating a world where wildlife thrives and is uniquely placed to connect wildlife and people with its mission – through its two world-class zoos and its global conservation networks.

“We have found Notify easy to use and therefore, an easy sell across the organisation to colleagues. Employees are engaged with Health and Safety and willing to report on things in a way they couldn’t before, providing us with valuable information to help us further protect our employees, volunteers and visitors. Notify is great for multi-site organisations, and we can now see reports coming in from our UK Zoos and project as well as international offices, helping us to continually evaluate the diverse nature of risk and incident over different sites. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Notify and look forward to continued use of the software.”

Ian Stacey CMIOSH, Head of Health, Safety & Security 

About ZSL

ZSL London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and is a well-loved landmark in the UK’s capital, with more than one million visitors annually, flocking to see the zoo’s famous Land of the Lions, Penguin Beach, and the Gorilla Kingdom, amongst other flagship exhibits. At Whipsnade, the UK’s largest zoo, keepers contribute to conservation breeding programmes for endangered species including Asian elephants and Grevy’s zebras and invite visitors to explore the animal kingdom through the huge landscapes it provides.

With active conservation projects around the world – from Indonesia to Cameroon – and a higher education scientific research facility based at the Regent’s Park headquarters, ZSL is a dynamic force for good in conservation.

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The challenge

A global organisation, ZSL has the unique challenge of fairly protecting all employees and external stakeholders around the world from incident and harm, with their central Health and Safety team being based in London.

Ensuring employees feel engaged with near-miss and accident reporting is of increasing importance and ZSL sought a solution with multi-lingual capabilities to ensure that language wasn’t a barrier to reporting. Furthermore, security was of paramount importance to protect individual data – so smart technology was required.

The Notify solution

Following a successful demo with the ZSL’s Head of Health, Safety and Security, in which we worked to identify and understand the charity’s needs, Notify Incident Management was implemented.

The solution allows accident and near-miss reports to be submitted through our secure mobile app, ensuring efficiency and confidentiality.

The results

Notify has driven positive impact across ZSL since being implemented during 2018.

Employee engagement has improved and reports are submitted simply and efficiently, ensuring workers feel able to flag near-misses and incidents securely and confidentially, in various languages.

For the Health and Safety team, getting immediate reports has made a big difference to their processes. Rather than waiting for paperwork to land, they can now see a live safety view and are alerted in real-time of new reports. Following the successful trial implementation, ZSL will roll out Notify across their global sites in Africa and Asia. The solution allows for local accountability but improved central governance across the organisation.

The data ZSL has collected so far is useful for them to review trends and themes that can be used to impact the safety culture for the benefit of all stakeholders and visitors to sites around the world.

The ZSL Health and Safety team picked up the Barry Holt Award for Outstanding Risk Practice at the IIRSM Risk Excellence Awards, a testament to their forward-thinking approach and the commitment to build a safer ZSL.