Velocity UK Ltd., based in the North East of England, but operating nationally, provide road maintenance solutions to a wide range customer base. They are the market leaders for pothole solutions, pre-surface dressing patching, and edge deterioration, helping their customers make tight budgets last.

Craig Lawrie, QSHE Manager at Velocity UK Ltd, shares the company’s experience.

The challenge 2017

Managing fleets of vehicles with crews of both temporary and permanent staff across the UK and beyond is no mean feat.

Craig recognised the company’s 24/7 incident hotline and associated paperwork wasn’t creating the results they required in terms of health and safety incident reporting; at 60 near misses being reported each year on average, this was much fewer than the business anticipated.

The system of manually sending out near-miss forms and waiting for a response (which could take anywhere from two days to two weeks to complete and receive back) was long-winded and difficult to manage. The big issues were always dealt with, but the lower risk reported incidences could take much longer to close out.

Goodwill, good heart and engagement amongst the workforce were being lost, as a ‘why bother reporting anything’ attitude was setting in. Something needed to be done.

The Notify solution

Craig wanted an application to streamline the whole process and started looking for a system in 2017. He started conversations with Notify and quickly identified that our free-for-forever near-miss reporting app could fix his challenges.

The NotifyIt app was so simple that the extent of system training was, ‘download the app and send a test report’. The whole team was online within 20 minutes and the system was rolled out that day.

The results

The number of reported near-misses shot through the roof to nearly 400 (between January and October 2018), proving that personnel were engaging positively with the app. Incidents were reported much faster than before and were therefore dealt with more quickly, but a new challenge had emerged: – how to deal with the significant numbers of reports being generated?

The challenge 2018

Getting the workforce so enthused by the ability to report incidents was a great result. The Board and management team were delighted, but the new challenge was having the time to deal with and prioritise the reports. This needed something effective and in-depth, building upon the successful implementation of NotifyIt to ensure that the enthusiasm for reporting wasn’t lost.

The Notify solution

In November 2018, Velocity signed up to using the full Incident Management module. Velocity and Notify worked together to quickly customise the platform to suit the business’s needs, one which could be further developed and encompass every discipline including maintenance, recruitment, manufacturing, finance and purchasing.

In June 2019 the team downloaded their new Notify IM app and embraced the changes swiftly.

The results

While incident reporting remained consistent, one of the most impressive results can be seen in commercial impacts. The Notify platform highlighted many incidents relating to vehicle damage by other vehicles, operators and the environment. In the past, the root cause had been hard, or impossible to identify. Previously the vehicles were returned to the yard with scruffs, scrapes and dents but there would be no actual report to substantiate how, when, where and why they were caused. Now all the occurrences could be pinpointed to the environment or human error.

Notify has further enabled the real-time identification of risks. Not just H&S risks, but other business risks too. It assists in giving a clearer and broader picture of what is happening on the ground. The level of detail within the app enables confident conversations with both the management team (monthly) and Board (quarterly).

Nigel Humble, Operations Manager, was quickly convinced of the potential that Notify offers; namely freeing up time previously spent sitting at a desk by using the accurate and timely reporting of incidents which in future can be applied throughout the whole business.

Due to the ability to develop a customised system, all business functions have been added into the app and can be reported upon. Notify is now part of prequalification and tender opportunities and incidents can be shared in the click of a button.

The management team and the Board both think the platform is, in Craig’s words, ‘Fantastic’ and want to know what more it can do to assist in the business.

Notify has changed the way we manage our incident reporting and provides greater transparency throughout the whole business. It allows us to share this transparency with clients who require collaborative working, sharing good practice and lessons learned, and forming partnerships.
Craig Lawrie
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