Travis Perkins plc.

Travis Perkins Group is a Blue Chip builders’ merchant and home improvement, retailer. The group operates 21 businesses in total – including Benchmarx, PrimaFlow and Wickes – with over 2,000 outlets across the UK and Ireland.

The challenge

With responsibility for over 30,000 staff members running services that require particular attention to health and safety, Travis Perkins needed a more efficient, modern and scalable incident reporting system to replace both its existing off-the-shelf software product and the remaining elements of its reporting framework that were still paper-based.

The Notify solution

Travis Perkins plc was looking for a solution to replace its incumbent software reporting and paper-based systems which were failing to meet the business’ diverse – and increasingly demanding – needs.

Their Health and Safety team consulted us on their needs and what Notify could offer, and we worked with them to show how customisable the platform is in order to meet the complex requirements of Travis Perkins plc. Because the Notify dashboard can be adapted to suit the business, without the need for add-ons at an extra cost, the TP team were able to tell us what data was important to them and have this visible as soon as the dashboard is opened.

Since Travis Perkins came on board with Notify, we’ve also worked closely with their team to develop our product roadmap, taking real-life insight from the business to make Notify even better, simpler and efficient, for the benefit of all of our clients.

Well done for getting the new incident reporting system up and operational. It has been on the Travis Perkins list of things to do for over three years so for you and the team to deliver it in such a short time is brilliant – you should be really proud. Please pass on my personal thanks to all the team that have been involved.
Frank Elkin
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