Ringway Jacobs

Making the highway network safer.

Ringway Jacobs is a leading provider of highway services across the UK and supplies local authorities with safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable road network management solutions. Their service provision combines global engineering expertise from shareholders Jacobs and Vinci, innovative IT systems and high levels of customer care.

About Ringway Jacobs

Formed in 2005, Ringway Jacobs works closely with local government to deliver class-leading highways infrastructure and cost effective, reliable and responsive road management solutions. Employees possess a vast spectrum of skills and expertise; delivering on roles such as asset management specialists, project managers, maintenance engineers, designers, street lighting and ITS specialists, system developers, stakeholder managers and many more.

As an integrated service provider, they require reliable support services and partners to ensure their service provision and people are working safely and effectively – that’s where Notify come in.

The Challenge

Ringway Jacobs had relied upon an internal system for managing many aspects of safety reporting. They used the system to manage their reporting of safety suggestions, near misses and incidents. However, their team recognised it was not a user-friendly solution and not all staff had access to the system. This meant many near misses and events were recorded by hand and then had to be manually input into the system. Understandably this approach was not efficient or manageable.

Ringway Jacobs also wanted to continuously improve their safety performance and to embrace a smarter digital recording solution. They wanted to ensure their people could easily report safety issues, knowing that it would also be tracked through to completion and would ultimately lead to a much safer working environment for everyone, including colleagues, supply chain partners, members of the public and clients.

Partnering with Notify

By partnering with Notify Technology, Ringway Jacobs became our first client with a construction focus. As one of our early adopters, they allowed us to immerse ourselves in their industry to help us develop the insight into the construction industry which we have put into practice for many more clients since. We worked with the Ringway Jacobs team to adapt and develop the Notify platform into a reliable tool they could use universally across their staff and partners to speed up reporting and generate reliable, high-quality data through bespoke dashboards.

Working together, the Ringway Jacobs HSEQ and Notify team developed a fully tailored product to make reporting quick and easy. The revolutionised solution was implemented in January 2020 with extremely positive feedback on the ease of reporting from mobile devices and the ability to track actions through to completion with accountability and leadership captured and visible at all stages. The solution has allowed Ringway Jacobs to demonstrate the importance of safety reporting and act strategically when patterns and trends are found.

Bespoke dashboards for safety suggestions, safety concerns, near misses, incidents and performance notices are market-leading and provide the organisation with live data across the whole business. This makes it easier for the team to focus on key risk areas and continuously make improvements.

Speaking on behalf of Ringway Jacobs, Martin Cahalan, Head of Health, Safety, Sustainability, and Quality, said:

“We chose Notify Technology because we knew we could work collaboratively with them to develop
a bespoke reporting tool with associated live dashboards to suit our needs and to enhance our ever-improving safety culture based around our company’s ethos.”

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