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Parkeray is London-based main contractor specialising in the interior fit out and refurbishment of office buildings and commercial premises.

In 2020 alone, Parkeray delivered over 700,000 sq. ft. of office space. Considering the issues caused by COVID-19 over the last 18 months, we think that’s pretty impressive!

As winners of 13 consecutive RoSPA Gold Awards for demonstrating high health and safety standards, Parkeray takes huge pride in having accident statistics that run well below the industry average in the UK. Parkeray’s health and safety team have continued a campaign entitled “Safety – Live With It!” that is designed to encourage workers at all levels of the construction industry to take health and safety more seriously. Awesome work, guys!

“It’s great to gain my Chartered status and I’m really grateful for the fantastic support I’ve been given by Parkeray and my manager, Terry Tracey. As well as my passion for safety, I love all things tech and I’m delighted to see how we’re embracing digital tools at Parkeray.”

Paul Makoff-Clark, Parkeray’s Health and Safety Manager

Client renewal case study : Parkeray

Notify have worked with the team at Parkeray since 2016. They’ve provided a number of innovative suggestions that have really helped shape our software to make it increasingly relevant to the construction sector.

For commercial property contractors, incident reporting is a top priority. Construction environments can be hazardous, and any incidents and near misses need to be reported quickly and accurately from many different locations.

The Notify Cloud Incident Management module makes light work of serious issues. Employees, managers and even contractors can report incidents in seconds using the NotifyIM app. Learn more about our Smart Incident Management Software here.

To celebrate this milestone between our two companies, we spoke to Paul Makoff-Clark, Parkeray’s Health and Safety Manager. Paul was recently admitted as a Chartered Member of #IOSH; congratulations from all of us at Notify!

Paul Makoff-Clark, Health and Safety Manager, Parkeray:

What made you decide to renew with Notify?

“In terms of Notify, the big win for me is that it’s just so easy to use and customise. I’ve never really needed to use the help functions because it just works. Donna, who helped with the recent move to Cloud IM was brilliant. She’s a real credit to the team at Notify.

“Notify takes onboard our comments and feedback and it’s been great to see the development of the product.”

How does Notify allow Parkeray to overcome the health and safety challenges that construction sites pose?

“One of the biggest challenges for many construction projects is that workers move around a lot; they are often in transitory roles. Notify is a massive help because it means that we can digitally capture safety events there and then, wherever they take place.

“That immediacy is such a valuable part of the system. A huge plus for ourselves is the ability to take a photo and annotate it. It makes it so clear what the issue was and how the incident unfolded. We can gain real clarity on what happened even though we’re not right there on site.

“Plus, we have that audit trail and evidence that means we can always look the HSE in the eye and show our decision-making at every step.

“Notify is just so easy to use; our people much prefer it to the old fashioned accident book.”

Has working with Notify changed your attitude towards safety event reporting or health and safety in general?

“One of the things we’ve found is that Notify encourages people to report things they would not have done in the past. I’m not talking about when a serious accident has happened, I mean situations in which nothing actually happened, but they’ve seen the potential hazard. We get much better visibility now, which means we can do something about it!

“Everything is captured and automated. There’s no faff; no waiting for someone to scan in a page of an accident book from a distant site!

“As well as being simple and quick, the Notify platform ensures we follow a consistent approach. We can customise the system really easily, but then we know that every person is going to follow the same process each time. I love the investigation steps in Notify Cloud IM as they really help us make sure we get it right every time.

“Because the investigation process in Notify follows the HSE best practice guidance, we have the confidence we are following the right structure and making sure we’re doing the best we can for our compliance.

“Ultimately, Notify provides us with the key elements of a safety management system including the capability to ensure actions are captured and followed up. We’ve also got powerful dashboards so we can identify trends and potential risk areas.”

Duncan Davies, CEO of Notify:

“Parkeray are leading the way in terms of safety culture. I love that every incident report goes not only to the relevant managers and the safety team but also immediately lands with members of the Board.

“I think that speaks volumes for how seriously they take safety and I’d suggest it’s no coincidence that Parkeray has so many people who’ve stayed with the business over the years.

“When you meet the team at Parkeray – uniquely for people in this sector – you’ll regularly hear of people who’ve been there for fifteen or twenty years.

“This culture also underpins their approach to mental health. Parkeray has invested in three mental health first aiders and the whole of the senior team and directors have been on mental health awareness training.

“All aspects of worker safety need to be taken seriously these days, whether it is mental health or physical safety. Parkeray is paving the way for how safety should be done!”

Want to know more about Notify’s potential to improve health and safety in your business? Find out where your organisation sits on the safety roadmap here.

Notify & Parkeray : A Collaborative Approach

Below are examples of how Notify and Parkeray have worked together to create a customised version of our Incident Management app, and configurable, filterable dashboards to harness the power of the data collected via the Notify platform.

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Capture real time incidents and events as they happen: Notify’s Incident Reporting Mobile App has empowered Parkeray employees, contractors, and visitors on site to capture incidents in seconds. The Notify Incident Reporting mobile app ensures consistent and accurate capture of anything from slips, trips through to mental health and wellbeing assisting in driving health and safety best practices across their business.

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Customisable Incidents to meet the needs of Parkeray: Customisable Incident Capture and Investigation forms help ensure that Parkeray get accurate and consistent data, investigations are carried out thoroughly, with root causation and remedial actions put in place and stored securely on-line.

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Digital evidence to support what has occurred: Notify’s smart yet simple Tech, enables the reporter to capture digital photographic evidence of where it occurred and what happened… in seconds – job done.

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Tag it and add evidence for increased accuracy: With a truly mobile workforce spread across many sites and locations, Parkeray can empower Incident Reporters to quickly tag where the event occurred leveraging their phones or tablet GPS to find the location.

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Insightful business analytics driving continuous improvement for Parkeray: Our real time interactive and drillable dashboards help Parkeray keep track of their Incidents, Accident Frequency Rates (AFR) whilst also driving a complete picture of Overdue or Incomplete Remedial Actions across the business.